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Destination : Maui


When we were deciding on our honeymoon destination, we knew that we wanted to go somewhere that we had never been.  It was also right around the time where Zika was a hot topic, and I made the decision that we were not going to go anywhere that the virus was spreading. Just to be safe 🙂 We planned it all with Maryanne  (@swingandbliss) who was amazing and gave us all the info we needed.  Eventually my husband & I (two people who are terrible with making decisions) picked Hawaii–Maui + Kauai! We had always wanted to go there and attempted to plan a trip there in the past but it just had never worked out!  Once the trip was booked, we could not WAIT to get there!

Our amazing resort, The Andaz = ahhh-mazing!

We flew from DC to San Fran, where we unfortunately were delayed for about 5 hours, then to Maui.  We chose to rent a car so that we could do some exploring on the Island anytime we wanted.  We arrived later at night, due to the delay, so we could not see much of anything on our trip from the airport to the Andaz! But when we arrived at the resort– OMG–it was dark and we were still in awe the second we pulled in.  Super friendly staff!  We could not wait to check out our room, which we walked in to a bottle of champagne and a sweet note–and lets just say, the room was designed for a romantic getaway, a honeymoon, anniversary, etc. Anything involving you and your man!

The next day we woke up super early, which isn’t hard to do when you are in Hawaii+ we were still on east coast time.  With a push of a button we opened the curtains —and BOOM! There it was, the view we had been waiting for!

The breakfast buffet was to die for every morning! Literally everything was amazing and so fresh! It was another reason we woke up very early each morning; we couldn’t wait to go eat!  A few other restaurants that we went to and loved were Mama’s Fish House–amazing views, Spagos–at the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort and Monkey Pod- the best Mai Tais!

Besides all of the delicious food we ate, Stevie and I also went on a few unbelievable adventures.  One in particular was the Bamboo Forest hike that we went on with a tour guide, Spencer.  We hiked for miles up rocks, saw amazing waterfalls- even jumped off of one and swam in a water hole.  The coolest thing we had ever done!

When we stayed at the resort, we hung by the pools, laid on the beach, snorkeled, and one of favorites–we went paddle boarding early in the morning when the ocean was calm and the sun was shining so bright. It was so peaceful.

It rained a couple days so we took advantage of the amazing Spa at the resort! Definitely a must when you stay there!

My Top Andaz Features ( which was basically everything)

Maui Faves

Our honeymoon is a trip that we will reminisce about forever.  It also made us decide that we want to go back there as much as we can throughout our lives ( & to other fun new destinations) .  But that means living simpler and saving the money to make that possible!

One take away from the trip– next time we go, we will go later in the winter, maybe January! I think November/ December is their ‘winter’ also which means it rains a little more during that time.  At least it did when we were there.  It was still hot every day, though!  And we LOVED every minute of our trip, regardless of the rain!




Next Stop: Kauai!

*This is not sponsored.  Just all of my personal opinions! 🙂

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