Wedding fun!

Planning the BIG day!

As you all know, Stevie proposed on February 6th and the planning started almost immediately 🙂

The week following the proposal we had the venue picked out, the date of our wedding and I found my wedding dress.


When I started to look at dresses on pinterest (way before I was even engaged) I thought I had found the perfect style for me.  I knew that my wedding was going to be in the fall or winter, because that is the only time you can get married when your guy is a baseball player,  so why not a long sleeve dress?!

I also knew that if my wedding was going to be in the following fall or winter, I had to find my dress ASAP! So I scheduled an appointment at J&B Bridals for the wednesday after I got engaged. My mom, sister and my little niece who was just over a year and a half at that time all came with me.

We went through the store with Jackie, who was helping me, and picked out a few different styles but they all were lace, because I knew that is what I wanted 100 percent.  Putting on that first dress was a moment I will never forget.  It was not the dress I picked, but it was the first time I had put on a white gown and it all hit me that I was going to be a BRIDE!!

I ended up not going with the long sleeve gown. The dress I picked was Ivory lace with cap sleeves that was form fitting just about down to my thighs then had a little poof and a pretty train.  The back was sheer with buttons going the whole way down my back. Ahh! I just loved it.  I remember saying, “this is the one, I just feel like a bride!”


(Remember how I said my niece loved the dresses? Well she found one, also ( an old dress from when my sister and I were kids) and wore it as her Halloween costume because she wanted to be a ‘weddin dress’! She was slightly obsessed with her Auntie’s wedding.)


I used pinterest a lot to look at different ideas! ahh there were sooo many neat details but I stuck with the rustic yet elegant look!  I made a vision board and would tape pictures of what I liked on there so I could see everything together.  That definitely helped narrow down my ideas.

I also knew that I wanted the bridesmaids dresses to all be different.  At first I was going to do the same dress, just different colors, then I was going to pick a color and all different styles of dresses… but what did I decide on?  Different styles and different colors!  And I would have to say, that finding the dresses were a little difficult.  I also wanted the dresses to all be reasonably priced for my bridesmaids. So I searched and searched for months to find the PERFECT dresses..  there were 7 girls. and 3 flower girls.  I ended up finding the dresses on,,, and my matron of honor’s dress (aka my sister) was found on amazon but it was a Donna Morgan dress.  Flower girl dresses were each different and were found at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Just to name a few things about what we made- My mom, aunt and I put together half of the centerpieces for the tables. The vases and flowers were from Hobby Lobby and Michaels-  They always have great deals and a 40 % off coupon. We also used real flowers and branches in the arrangements.  We made signs, the card box (my hubby made this) and the table numbers out of different pieces of wood.  We also had two different favors, one was a koozie that we designed from an online store and the other was a wooded ornament that we hand stamped and wrote on each side.  We ordered the wood pieces for the ornaments off of Etsy.

Lots of work, but so much fun.



My husband and I both decided that when we were picking our vendors we wanted to have local talents to be a part of our day. And we are so glad we did.  We could trust them all to help make our wedding special and they all ‘hit it out of the park.’

  • Photographer- Betsy Bender Photography
  • Soloist– Rich Fehle
  • Cake table and chair rentals– Country Creek Farm Tables
  • Hair and Makeup– Lush Hair Lab
  • Videographer-Brennan Pierson
  • Florist- Megan, from Blooming Occasions
  • Cake- Jacinta, Baked by Jacinta is her page on Facebook.
  • Lighting- WoW Lighting
  • Transportation- Limo 1 company
  • DJ and Photobooth-  Justin and Natalie White-a Husband and Wife Duo, DJ White and Social Print Co.
  • Venue- Liberty Mountain Resort, Highland Lodge- Overlook Room. (we worked with Missy, Allie and Karen)
  • Ceremony– Church of the Apostles
  • Pastor– Pastor Kevin Elworth from Chambersburg First Church of God
  • Invites, Programs, save-the-dates, etc.– All from etsy sites! (ask me for the details and I’ll point you in the right direction)
  • Day of helpers– Riley and Holly!
  • Drapery and tear down– The Gala Event, LLC
  • Biggest helpers of all!!!– My parents, my sister & her little family and of course, my hubby!! 🙂
  • Wedding Website–






I was asked to have our wedding featured in a local newspaper recently and the one question they asked me was what advice would you give to other brides.  Right off the bat I had multiple different pieces of advice come to mind.  First, it was something my mom said to me right after I got engaged, enjoy the WHOLE process of planning.  Everything you do that leads up to your big day, will also be memories you have of your wedding.  The cake tastings, the dress fittings, hair and makeup trials,  all of the meetings, the nights on pinterest, crafting, etc.. enjoy it ALL!! It can be stressful at times, but try to have as much fun as possible! Also, to eliminate some of the stress, ask for HELP!  I was lucky enough to have my family right by my side the moment we started planning.  I spent a lot of time with them while Stevie was away during the baseball season and I couldn’t have done it all without their help.  And as soon as the season ended, my sweet, sweet hubby helped me every day!  The last few months leading up to the big day, we had a ton of items to print and cut out and we spent hours working on that- but we saved money and ENJOYED our time TOGETHER!  We would go to my family’s house on the weekend & they would help us tremendously.  My mom, dad, sister and aunt all chipped in a lot and I had a girls’ night where my friends helped with our hotel bags!  I could go on and on with advise;–but last but not least, MAKE IT OUR OWN! If you have a vision, go with that! Keep it within your budget, but it is a day that is all about you and your husband! Have things that you want! It will make it so special. You do not need to spend a ton of money, either! Make things!!- It was so rewarding to see my vision come to reality and knowing that we had made a lot of the things on our own! It was hard work, but so worth it!!


Ill share more pictures on the next post about the day of my wedding!!





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