Wedding fun!

He put a ring on it

Sooo we just got all of our wedding photos recently, and I have loved reliving the day by looking through the pictures like a million times!  But before I overload you with wedding pictures, today I am going to tell you all about the proposal- let the fun begin!

On February 5th, 2016 Stevie surprised me with a weekend getaway to Georgetown, one of our favorite places!  He booked us a room at The Graham Georgetown ( if you haven’t stayed there you should check it out) and then we walked around to all of the shops we love before getting ready for dinner  by the waterfront.  He told me that this weekend was my early Valentine’s Day present since we would be flying to spring training on the actual Valentine’s day. 😉

The next morning we woke up early and started the day at our favorite restaurant on 8th St. in DC at Ted’s Bulletin.  We use to eat there all the time when he was playing in DC.  Their food is so good and they make the best pop tarts! We explored more of the spots and restaurants that we would frequently go to while in DC .  At this point, I am thinking maybe he is going to propose…but we continued around the city, reminiscing about awesome memories we had and it was so much fun.  It didn’t even matter that he hadn’t proposed..yet.  He had literally thought of each spot that held a special place in our hearts and made sure we went there. And he wanted me to bring my camera to take pictures of each place so we could hang them in our house. It was an amazing day and he had thought it out so perfectly.  From 8th St, to the apartments he lived in, the monuments, our favorite spot by the water,  the places we went to for New Years Eve,etc…but one that is really special is the area where Stevie and I met up for the first time! At the beginning we had talked for months, after we were told about each other, before being able to meet in person because of our schedules. Then finally I went to one of his games with some of my friends and afterwards Stevie and a couple of his friends met up with us!  I remember telling my mom that he was the nicest person I had ever met :)…  the rest is history!  But anyways, the actual restaurant was closed down where we went that first night, but it was still so special to be there!

Okay, long story short, after walking around for a few hours we decided to head back to the hotel, we dropped off some of our things at the room and then he told me he wanted to go to one more spot.  At this point my feet were killing me because I probably didn’t wear the best shoes for hours of walking around.  But I agreed to one more place…and thankfully I did 😉 We walked down to the canal where there is a walkway but not a lot of people.  Stevie kept walking saying that he had a cool spot for a picture.  FINALLY there was no one around and he got down on one knee (after the sweetest speech) and asked me to marry him! Oh my gosh! I instantly became the happiest girl in the world.  One of my favorite moments ever!!  We called family and then celebrated with champagne in the room before a celebratory dinner and drink that night!  And remember the restaurant that closed down where we met??  Well guess what.. he found where it was relocated and it was in Georgetown!! That is where we had our drink. Stevie did an awesome job planning the perfect weekend and proposal!

Minutes after the sweetest proposal ever!
Thanks to the Graham for the champagne!

The next day my family drove down to our house and brought me my first bridal magazines and I got right to work.  The following week we had my wedding dress picked out and purchased, the date picked and the venue!  We knew we wanted to get married the next baseball offseason so we had to get started.  We were also leaving for spring training  in Arizona 7 days after he proposed.  For two people who aren’t the best with decisions, we made some big ones that week!!


I’ll tell you all about the planning next!  I truly did enjoy it all.





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