Have you ever been in a conversation where someone says something & in your mind you are thinking… “ahh, that was mean, just be nice” I bet we have all been on both sides of that kind of conversation but what’s the point? Why do we think it is necessary to be mean sometimes? Well, it’s simple.. it’s NOT okay.

This world needs more kindness..from everyone! Just last week, I was in a crowd of people when I saw a group of kids way ahead of me pointing and laughing, making rude comments. When I turned my head to look, I saw that they were looking at another group of kids walking by. Luckily that group of kids did not hear them but still I asked myself, WHY? That is not needed AT ALL.

Every single person is different. And that is a good thing. We all get to be our own person! We have no place to judge. But more than ever we see so many people hiding behind their social media pages, just bashing others. Whether it be someone they are friends with or someone they have never met. I have almost deleted my twitter account for this very reason and not just because it was directed at me.

For just one example, some of the things said about professional athletes absolutely blows my mind. Why do fans think it is okay to go on twitter and literally tear apart athletes with their extremely rude and threatening comments? They know that athletes are humans too, right? Do they honestly think if an athlete makes a mistake, that they are purposely trying to do that? Do these fans realize that these players have families too. Family who may even read the comments that are so hurtful? Put that “tweeter” in the athletes’ shoes or better yet, the family member who is reading that comments shoes If someone said that about their loved one, what would they say? How would that make them feel?

Obviously this hits home for me because my husband is a professional athlete, who works his butt off each and every day to be the best player that he can be. His hard work is the reason that fans can come to the games. So yeah, it is hurtful to see a stranger talk so terribly about someone I love so very much (or even when they aren’t strangers, someone you know-that hurts even more).

But it’s not just on social media, many times at games you hear fans saying such awful things about the players while that players wife/girlfriend, kids, family, friends, etc. are sitting right in front of them. It makes my stomach sick even if it’s not about my husband. Athletes more than likely can handle these comments or just ignore them but what about the young kids who are going through a hard time? How do you think they handle it when they hear rude comments about themselves?

Something we learned when we were growing up was “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If we are teaching this to kids then ‘practice what you preach!’

So whether it is being said about a professional athlete or a parent who is working hard to put food on the table or the innocent kid who may look different than you, think before you say something hurtful.

Be kind. Because why not. It’s cool people.



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