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A fun use for glass Jars!

Who doesn’t love glass jars?!

I know I do.  I usually try to find different places in the house to decorate using the jars; Although I don’t have a ton of options.  But one fun way to use them is with saving money. 🙂  Something else I am sure we all love.

We decided to do this while we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We literally fell in love with both islands that we visited (I can’t wait to tell you all about it).  And while we were laying by the pool one day, at an amazing resort, we just started to think about how we could visit this island more often.  Obviously trips like a honeymoon or vacations to Hawaii aren’t cheap at all, so it involves some planning and saving…lots of saving.

I suggested that we set aside money each month to put towards different goals, vacations, outfits, adventures, groceries, bills etc. And we made a plan.  But it is always easy to talk about and sometimes not as easy to follow through with.  We needed something that we could see daily to remind us that we wanted to save and put money away towards specific goals.  So we started using glass jars, each with a  different label on them,  but with that comes a plan! We can’t put all of our money towards a dream vacation (we can all wish) when it should go towards grocery money, also.  So each week we will put aside a certain amount of money in each jar, some having more priority than others.  Maybe every other week will be for a vacation and every week for groceries (throw your coupons in there,too) and bills.  That could mean every time you get change back you put it in a jar instead of throwing it in a cup holder in your car or your purse where it will just make noise.  And then find a safe spot where maybe just you and your family will see it.


We will budget groceries each week, using coupons that we find also, and bills.  The extra money will go towards the fun stuff until we meet a certain goal!  –Then it is time to enjoy!


Supplies you will need:

Glass jars (number depends on how many things you are saving for)

Strips of different colored paper to write on

Marker or pen


and Money 🙂



Decide what you want to save for, write it on the piece of paper and tape it onto the jars!

Then start saving!!


A few jars we have started with!


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