Be Active- It’s good for you.

Every year, the day after New Year’s day, the gym is always PACKED.  Many people start the year with a new year’s resolution that they want to get in better shape, eat better, be active, lose weight, or just feel great. And I LOVE that!

I have always been someone who loves to be active.  I grew up playing a ton of sports and running around outside anytime I had the opportunity to. I went to a D1 school and played soccer.  But I have also had times where I was lazy and didn’t want to go to the gym or go for a run or even eat the healthiest of foods.  And it didn’t necessarily show physically ( I have always been a small person.)  but the way I felt definitely showed it.  It’s crazy, but I am more tired when I don’t do anything–like what??  But it’s true for me.  I feel like a whole different person when I am active..even if that means going outside and walking around the neighborhood, or jumping on my bike for an afternoon ride, throwing the baseball with my husband, anything to get me moving. I have so much more energy on those days.

And for me, I have a lot of free time so I have NO excuse to not workout.  But for those of you who have crazy schedules between work, meetings, running your kids to school, practices, etc.  I know it is hard to always find time, but it is important.  For your own good!  We all love to feel great, right?  So try to set aside a couple of hours during the week where you can get out and move around. 🙂 *

*( as long as you are able, make sure to consult with a Doctor before doing anything you aren’t sure about!)


(Hiking in Arizona)

And don’t forget to eat healthy also!– I am not a dietician so I can’t tell you what to eat.  But speaking from personal experience, when I eat GOOD food, my body lovesss me.  It isn’t always easy because I love my sweets, but I do my best to balance out my meals with the right nutrients.  My husband also helps, since he is always active, he is there to steer me in the right direction because he feels better/ performs better when he eats the right food and that’s important for his career.

Let’s keep those gyms PACKED all year long!!

Here are a few of my workout essentials:


I love my Alta Fitbit, Qalo Ring and my Nike sneakers. Not pictured: My AdvoCare pre workout products.

I am a certified personal trainer, so I hope to add a few workouts to the blog in the near future!



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