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Coffee Bar

From a desk to a coffee bar ….

About two years ago when my now husband bought his house, neither of us had much of our own furniture or decor.. so I thought about how we could find some goodies without spending a ton of money.  Luckily, my parents had a few things that they were wanting to get rid of and that was great for us!   I was able to redo an old dining room table and a desk that was in my dad’s office that he didn’t use very much.   A huge score for me!!

As soon as I could, I went to Lowe’s and picked out some sandpaper, primer and paint and got right to work.    My parents have a huge back I had the desk and all of my supplies there and I spent hours working on it–I had so much fun!  If I can find an item that I can redo rather than buying something brand new, I am all for it!  Plus, it is great when it’s finished and you played a big role in making it your own style.


*I had the best company during the process!*

After I finished with the primer and it dried, I was able to start painting!  I loved the color that I chose.  It was sure to pop in the new house!  I added a few layers of paint, added a few new handles that I found at Hobby Lobby and then I was finished!  The desk went off to Maryland and went right to the guest room, to start.  But as you can see in the picture above it isn’t a huge desk, so after I started to sew/embroider items I had to get a bigger work station.  So what did that mean for my desk that I worked sooo hard on and that I was really proud of?  Well at first, it got moved to our bedroom (we live in a two bedroom condo, so our guest room shares a room with my office) and each day I would throw things on it, but barely ever used it as a desk and no one but my husband and I ever saw it!

Once we got home from the baseball season and settled back into the house this year, I decided this desk needed a new what better place to put it than in our little dining room, I thought!  I cleaned everything out of it, which was A LOT!  (found things I forgot I had since it was all just thrown in there over the past couple of years )  My husband and I moved it to multiple different spots and nothing was working.  I was getting pretty frustrated until we sat there, just starred at the room and finally tried the final spot that it could maybe go.. and guess what?!  It WORKED!  So now we have the cutest Coffee Bar! And the desk I worked so hard on has a prime spot in the house, plus we are getting great use out of it! And all we had to buy was the paint and a little shelf that we got at Hobby Lobby to add some finishing touches to the look! 🙂



So make sure to look around the house to see what you have before buying a piece of furniture you just might not need!!



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